Concert Pants is a site dedicated to anyone that loves experiencing live music…

The sites two contributors are avid concert-goers and use live music as an excuse to travel the world and escape the reality of their everyday jobs.  Perhaps it is no coincidence that they met when both traveling internationally to see a mutual favorite band: Pearl Jam

About Sheehan:

As a child singing his own compositions at school assemblies to an adult that continues performing live in his current city, Austin, TX, Sheehan has never lost the dream of one day becoming a rock star.  While waiting for that day to come, however, Sheehan has spent his days working as a Program Manager for multiple companies in the defense and cyber industries and pursuing his hobbies of music, travel and photography.  Sheehan is extremely thankful to be a contributor to Concert Pants as it allows him to keep up with all of these interests and passions.

About Manish:

Manish is a lawyer by day and live music lover by night. His first concert was Pearl Jam at Soldier Field on July 11, 1995. He’s located in Chicago but has traveled the world to see his favorite bands and does not plan to stop any time soon.