“Pearl Jam” + “Field of Dreams”

What does Pearl Jam have in common with the movie Field of Dreams?  They both teach us that dreams come true.

It’s not just because Pearl Jam has chosen two of the most historic ballparks in the United States of America to celebrate their 25th anniversary, but also because the three plot-turning messages in the movie bear so much significance to Pearl Jam and its own history.

“If you build it, he will come”

Eddie Vedder told the crowd at Fenway Park that his two favorite baseball teams growing up were the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox.  He even brought his own mitt and took time during the shows to play catch with fans.

Having the opportunity to headline four concerts at two of the most historically significant ball parks in the United States combined each band members lifelong love of baseball with their decades long work of building their catalog and fan base.

Pearl Jam has and will continue to build it, and the fans have and will continue to come.

“Ease his pain”

The name Pearl Jam is almost synonymous with easing the pain of others.  Not only do their music and lyrics provide comfort to so many going through tough times in their lives, but they have used their influence to promote many humanitarian and activist initiatives.

The Fenway shows alone saw the band temporarily ease the pain of a fan who recently lost his father by granting him a setlist wish, by paying tribute to Aerosmith’s Joe Perry in a dedication of the band’s classic “Draw the Line” and also by donating $1 of every ticket sold (over 70,000) to local charities.

Pearl Jam has and always will ease the pain of their fans and anyone else they can.

“Go the distance”

It would be easy to talk about the distance that so many fans have and will travel to make it to the 25th anniversary shows, but I believe it is more meaningful to talk about how Pearl Jam is going the distance for their own fans at these shows.

The weekend at Fenway consisted of two concerts, over 6 hours of Pearl Jam on stage, 66 songs (of which only 6 were repeated) and multiple special guests.  Additionally, they pulled out some songs that were so rare they hadn’t been played in the United States in over 20 years and the best collection of covers they have done in decades.  No matter which way you look at it, the members of Pearl Jam did as much as they could to make these shows some of the most memorable that the crowd had ever experienced.

Pearl Jam has always and will continue to go the distance for their fans.

One need not be a baseball fan to appreciate the beauty of “Field of Dreams” and one need not be a Pearl Jam fan to appreciate the impact the band has made on society.  Both of them, in their own way, will remain timeless reminders that following a passion, misguided as it may seem, is what makes us human and what makes dreams come true.


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